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The solution to your brand communications

WeCARE is a content solutions agency providing transcreation and multilingual customer service

Rooted in customer service, WeCARE speaks for your brand by Communication, Acceleration, Recognition, and Engagement

About WeCARE®

Q: What is WeCARE®?

A: WeCARE® is a brand-new product for managing brand communications by providing multilingual content solution and customer support for businesses expanding in ASEAN countries.

Q: Why did you call yourself WeCARE®?

A: We represents togetherness between brands, consumers, and us. Rooted in customer service, WeCARE® speaks for your brand by Communication, Acceleration, Recognition, and Engagement. CARE is in our DNA:



To communicate your brand essence to the right audience



To accelerate your brand to the global market



To recognize reputation within the reach of customers



To engage with your local consumers

Q: How does WeCARE® work?

A: WeCARE® works by combining technology with native language content transcreators and customer support agents.


Because “Content is still king and will always be king”, WeCARE® MULTILINGUAL CONTENT WRITING service tells your story that goes beyond borders: From creating engaging marketing materials to optimize the reach to target customers, to generating feeds on web/social media to manage image and reputation for your brand, extending to customers in targeted regions.


WeCARE® SOCIAL provides services that enable customers to develop their own communication channels via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or LINE in local languages, without the complexities and management overhead that occur from managing multiple language social media accounts internally.


WeCARE® WEB features professional web copy services in various languages, from simple blog posts to multimedia content on website that fit your local market. “It is never about translation, it is about creating stories that move your audience in their mother tongue in a time full of world-wide-web”.  


WeCARE® CUSTOMER SERVICE guarantees to support your customer as one of our own. As an extension of your customer supportteam, our  WeCARE® CUSTOMER SERVICE representatives respond to your web/social media users in their desired language providing the information that they require. All information and feedback obtained from users is indexed and accessible to the customer and is supplied in the form of a brand report, delivered monthly, quarterly and/or yearly, depending on the package chosen.

Q: Who will need WeCARE®?

A: WeCARE® is the ideal solution for Corporations, NGOs and Government Offices who are experiencing difficulty managing brand reputation and communications with customers and potential customers  in other countries.

Today, WeCARE® have seen many public companies in Thailand expanding their business line to ASEAN market but are unable to communicate effectively in the local language. Communication barrier spans corporate websites, marketing materials, social media through content transcreation, and native customer support.

WeCARE® is a one-stop-service multilingual content solution and customer service which enables our customers to optimize their time and effort on their products and services, leaving the communications to be efficiently handled by WeCARE®.

Let's discuss how WeCARE can help

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